[ExI] Oxford scientists edge toward quantum PC with 10b qubits.

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2011/2/2 Samantha Atkins <sjatkins at mac.com>:
>> The Eliza chatbot was very engaging for a lot of students once upon a
> You don't need full AGI to keep an oldster happily reliving/sharing 
> memories and more entertained than a TV can provide.  Add emotion 
> interfaces and much much better chat capabilities than Eliza had.  
> Eventually add more real AI modules as they become available.   A cat 
> will be more cuddly and humans much more fun to talk to for a longish 
> time.  But there is a definite spot in-between that we can just about do
something that will be appreciated.  Samantha

>BTW, what about an AGI able to pass a Turing cat-test?

>Interactions with a cat are probably much simpler to emulate.

>And yet, wouldn't this qualify as definitely an AGI project? A cat is a
mammal with a brain quite similar in its performances to our own...--Stefano

Ja, but no, what I had in mind has nothing to do with an AGI project, and
isn't any more AGI than a chess algorithm.  

We have Eliza and her descendants (hipsters, what do we have?) we have
synchronous voice/graphics so that an avatar can be made to appear to speak,
we have reasonably competent speech recognition, we have some limited
ability to make inferences (Watson) and we have real time access to
humanity's externalized storehouse of knowledge, the internet.  It sure
looks to me like we have all the elements necessary to allow at least an
impaired human to have a simulated computer conversation (with herself)
using nothing more sophisticated than a big screen TV, an internet
connection and a typical laptop computer.

What I had in mind would utilize technology to serve humanity by helping
relieve the lonely suffering of the elderly, and (more importantly of
course) to make a cubic buttload of money.


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