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>...Capture-bonding, what happens in cases like Patty Hearst or Elizabeth
Smart can be understood by a model where women who adjusted to capture had

Keith this goes off in another direction please, but do indulge me.  The
Elizabeth Smart case: that one is seems so weird, every parent's nightmare.
We think of our kids as being very vulnerable to kidnapping when they are
infants, less so at age four.  By about age six, we expect them to be able
to identify themselves to someone as having been kidnapped, and by age ten
we expect them to be able to come up with some genuine intellectual
resources to escape.  But Miss Smart was fourteen, and we just expect more,
far more, from a kid that age.  So we need to wonder how the hell this could
have happened, and how capture bonding would apply in that case.  When she
was found, it just seemed so weirdly ambiguous.  Wouldn't it at least take a
few days or weeks for the whole capture bonding psychological mechanism to
kick in?  I guess I understand it in the Hearst case, but the Smart case has
bothered the hell out of me.


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