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All the big names (Endy, Church, etc) in the field plus some cool people
like Neal Stephenson and my friend the Science Comedian are at the Here Be
Dragons conference happening now.

You can watch the moderators freak out over garage biology and "garagistas"
and go all Fanboy for future of biotech LOL:

Endy:  "Do it Together Success examples in iGEM, but media brands this as do
it yourself."  In 3 months they can do what I could not do with a university
lab 15 yrs ago.  Is it like starting a PC company in garage circa 1970?
No.  There was infrastructure in place that reflected public investment
providing sophisticated tools.  Apple could be started because Texas
Instruments had laid the transistor infrastructure.  Today we have abundance
of enthusiasm for amateur biology (more exciting platform than computing).
Can this counteract the lack of mature tools?  We'll see.


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