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Mon Feb 7 20:42:09 UTC 2011

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On 02/06/2011 02:42 PM, Tom Nowell wrote:
> Spike wrote (actually he did not write): " No, I don't think voice
operated computers will ever 
> appear in general use...

But I can meet this notion part way.  The application I have in mind is not
general use, but rather a very specific use: human-like interfaces for
impaired humans.

> What happens when you get a group of people all shouting at their handheld

Don't know, don't see any reason why they would do that.  A properly
interfaced voice activated computer wouldn't require it.

Samantha wrote: >  I read a LOT faster than I process speech... -s

Me too and I am also frustrated with more and more news content in the form
of video, which I can seldom summon sufficient attention span to view.  I
want only text, if the purpose in information exchange.  Speech is too slow,
and the hearer has too little control over it, even with a scroll bar.

This does something interesting in political speeches, worthy of study.  We
take a control group who hears a political speech, audio only.  A second
group gets audio and visual.  A third group gets text only.  Afterwards, we
compare scores on comprehension, and perhaps have them choose the important
messages.  I suspect the audio-only group and the audio-visual group might
be similar, but the text only group would get a very different message.


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