[ExI] Voice operated computers

Samantha Atkins sjatkins at mac.com
Wed Feb 9 02:59:16 UTC 2011

On 02/07/2011 02:51 PM, MB wrote:
>> Samantha wrote:
>>   I read a LOT faster than I process speech... -s
>> Spike wrote:
>> Me too and I am also frustrated with more and more news content in the form
>> of video, which I can seldom summon sufficient attention span to view.  I
>> want only text, if the purpose in information exchange.  Speech is too slow,
>> and the hearer has too little control over it, even with a scroll bar.
> I have trouble with this as well.  If it's worth my time I want to be able to
> *study* on it a bit... not just have some flash jiggety jiggety go by on my screen.
> :(

What really really annoys me is some 20-something (or older) doing there 
little "a look at me and my awesome video thing" or "my I don't really 
give a frak about anything video" garbage for N precious irreplaceable 
minutes of my life BEFORE I can know what the (at best) small fraction 
of N worth of real information they have to impart is.  N is much 
smaller in text and I don't have TMI of the rest of their stuff to deal 
with.   In text I don't have to see the author's face, note their 
personna, react to my reactions of what I can see of in their video, 
know what their voice sounds like, etc.  Like I say, TMI.   Sticking all 
that in my face instead of the information I am actually after is pretty 

- samantha

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