[ExI] needing help on a tech project

spike spike66 at att.net
Sat Feb 12 15:55:48 UTC 2011

>...I have a science fiction con founder/organizer friend who has asked me
to transcribe a couple dozen con panel DV camcorder recordings onto a
computer.  I am dumbfounded that he would ask me to volunteer for such a
task, but I do want to help him (he is not very tech savvy).  John

John there are plenty of professional services that do this sort of thing.
I have had a bunch of Shelly's old reel to reel family films from the 1960s
transferred to DVD.  Typical cost for that was about 80 bucks per DVD disc.
I have done all the valuable ones.  Henceforth I might just set up a modern
digital camera and play the old reels on the original projector against a
wall, and have the grandparents narrate.  Those films predated sound.

I have a collection of video recordings from the 80s I need to transfer, but
I might do that myself by finding an interface card.  The internet knows
everything on this sort of question.


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