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Just had another flash: what about creating a combination exercise spa and
road? Use treadmills to power lighting and vehicle movement (piezoelectric
device ==> battery ==> motors in road) ... spa is built over the road)...
spa motions also power lights or generate power credits.. etc. 


Kelly, I really love this traffic idea. Sort of an emergent order concept.
Would be fun to take it a step further and create a new kind of town with no
defined roads, no sidewalks, information signals that combine to control
computer-automated vehicles (supersedes driven cars and traffic signals) for
people and machines that are generated by sensors for ad hoc movements of
objects, wind, noise, thoughts ("I want to cross the street" -- I want to
dance here now), deformable structures (car to building: "may I take a
shortcut through you?"), instant 3D-printed structures that can be morphed
into different purposes.... [pause to let someone else co-invent ...]

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>> But then I'm so socialist I have to go right to get left.

So what you're saying is that you are so focused on the future that
you haven't learned the lessons of the past... ;-)

> Did you know that this has actually been proposed as a road safety and
> traffic efficiency measure?

There was a really interesting Wired article a few years back on
eliminating traffic signals altogether, and mixing traffic with
pedestrians in a confusing way that automatically caused everyone to
slow down and be more careful with the result being greater overall
safety. It had been implemented in some northern European cities
(maybe Denmark?)

I still think the right answer is to let the cars drive themselves,
and avoid human piloting altogether, but that's still a few years off.

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