[ExI] Watson On Jeopardy

Darren Greer darren.greer3 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 00:19:41 UTC 2011

I just watched Watson take on the world champs on Jeopardy. The first game
is spread over two episodes, so no winner yet. Watson is in the lead. Just
wondering if others watched and what the general opinion was. I know there
are those here that think Watson really doesn't meant much in terms of AI
advancement. However, I was pretty inspired watching him. Not by the
interface, but by the fact that AI has made it to prime time. Also I was
pretty jazzed by the fact that he got all The Beatles questions and one on
the Lord of the Rings correct. It was strange, and kind of thrilling, to
hear a computer answer questions about these very human, and for me very
personal, subjects. Watson is an idiot savant, of course. He doesn't know
what these things mean to us. But I realized while watching that AI of the
future might. We talk a lot here about friendly AI. Has anyone considered or
discussed before that it could be something as simple as a Shakespeare or a
Mahler that saves us?

Look forward to hearing the opinions/experiences of others with the show.


*There is no history, only biography.*
*-Ralph Waldo Emerson
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