[ExI] Acceptance Into Math Program

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 02:13:26 UTC 2011

Hello Darren,

Congratulations regarding furthering your education!!!  : )  This
email list has also had an amazing effect on my life, due to the
things I've learned and the mental "food for thought buffet" that
awaits me here every day.

If you have not already done so, I hope you attend a transhumanist
conference sometime, so that you can meet some of the people on this
list.  An H+ or Singularity Institute gathering could really be very
thrilling for you.  I went to Convergence back in 2008 and had a
wonderful time!


My best wishes to you,

John  : )

On 2/16/11, Darren Greer <darren.greer3 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Just to let everyone on here know.
> When I first joined this group I was ashamed at how little I knew about
> science compared to the rest of you. I'm intensely interested in technology
> and how it can transform us, and for a while before I came to Exi I was
> appalled at how little was being done to use it in the proper ways. So I
> joined your group and am glad I did. I've gotten lots of good ideas and have
> had great amounts of fun arguing and sparring and sometimes actually
> agreeing with you all.
> Last September though I decided to rectify my ignorance and registered for
> three classes at a local university - physics, mathematics and chemistry. I
> was pretty nervous. I'm 43. I'm a novelist, and not of science fiction. I
> have a liberal arts background. But besides wanting to be able to discuss
> things in this group, I also now believe that any writer who does not have a
> science background, whether he writes spy novels or technical manuals, may
> find him self acculturated in the next decade or two. So I bit the bullet. I
> finish my classes in two months. So far my grade point average is perfect. I
> actually love the work, and today I found out I have been accepted into a
> Bsc at a good school here in Canada. I've decided that my major will be in
> mathematics. I like the chemistry and physics, and perhaps I will switch
> majors later on. But for now my real interest seems to lie in pure math.
> I thought you all might like to know this, since it was you as a group who
> help turn an arts guy into (kind of) a science guy. This group does have
> tremendous value. Certainly it has had a profound effect on my life. So
> thanks. And when I get stuck next year, I'll be calling on you.
> Darren
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> *There is no history, only biography.*
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> *-Ralph Waldo Emerson
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