Thu Feb 17 02:19:19 UTC 2011

>From a small very small manufacturing backround, I understand that the pro-type is the major cost, and after it finally works, then all there is needed is to assemble and the cost descends from there.  

Right now the cost is way way out there, but all of us know that the present day 300 dollar computers can dancer circles around  an IBM 360 which cost over half million back in the 60's.

Soon all major governments will need a Watson, and because of fear of being left behind, money will flow to get a new and improved  Watson and then we all know what happens then:)

The major concern will come when the decision making process in given up and placed in the hands of a computer who will find the best solution to the rising debt in the in the United States, caused by Medicare and Social security underfunding will not  be to increase  taxes but instead will opt for the solution of  terminating  all the folks  who are  now receiving benefits.

We now walk on thin ice, and most of this list know it, all applications that removes human judgement and replaces is with code and best case answers Without Moral direction will  remove the species from this planet ,

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