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>. I also predicted that when that happened we would either think better of
computer intelligence, worse of human thinking, or worse of chess, and that
if history was a guide, we would downgrade chess." d.


That sounds like a good prediction, but it hasn't worked that way really.
Computers are better than all humans now, even the commercial versions that
run on laptop computers.  Human vs human chess is still played, the prize
funds are higher than ever, the highest rated human (Carlsen) is dating a
supermodel and has been hired to sell clothing for G-Star.


This may be a special case however, for Carlsen may be the first male chess
grandmaster in history who is not an ugly geek.  Odd, for it seems about 80%
of the top female chess players are knockout gorgeous, but we lads at that
level are 80% radioactive ugly.


Actually Darren, you are a valuable one to judge this contest.


Scroll all the way down in this link and compare:









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