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>>it was a jolt to see all that in something as mainstream as Time magazine.


>This may be terribly cynical of me, but I worry when any idea goes


Ja.  For mainstream media, this particular Time article wasn't half bad.


> I always think the media, the moguls and the Wal-marts will try and spin
it enough to make a buck off it.


Hmmm, so what's the bad news?  I didn't even realize there was a way to make
a buck off of the singularity.  Kewalll.


>.Although how you would make money off the singularity I don't know.


If you think of one, do share.  As soon as it gets the profit motive behind
it, the singularity REALLY IS coming.


> How about a T-Shirt that says "The Singularity is coming. Get implants!"


Eeeexcellent Smithers.


Other ideas?  Darren has hit it.  Commercialization is a driving force like
nothing else, a quantity which has a quality all its own.  Commercialization
is our friend.  Look what it did for Christmas.








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