[ExI] Call To Libertarians

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Sat Feb 19 15:17:19 UTC 2011

>Only different to those who cannot understand the inevitable end-point of

Just as the end-point of democracy is a stagnant bureaucratic state? The
end-point of capitalism is fascism and plutocracy? The end-point of
socialism is military dictatorship?

The end-point of any system is a situation of extremes and therefore not
desirable. When I asked the question I made the assumption that was
understood. I was looking for a bit of a nuanced interpretation, much like
the one Fred gave. I understand that political discourse tends to evoke
passionate responses, but I should have made myself clearer: I was looking
for an intellectual response, not a politicized, emotive one. My error.


On Sat, Feb 19, 2011 at 10:10 AM, Richard Loosemore <rpwl at lightlink.com>wrote:

> spike wrote:
>> ... On Behalf Of Olga Bourlin
>> Subject: Re: [ExI] Call To Libertarians
>> Darren, tell them to visit the Libertarian Paradise:  SOMALIA. ;)
>> Somalia is an example of anarchy, Olga, not libertarian.  Two very
>> different
>> things.  spike
> Only different to those who cannot understand the inevitable end-point of
> libertarianism.  :-)
> Excellent example, Olga!
> Richard Loosemore
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