[ExI] Extropy anniversary (Was: Re: Call To Libertarians)

David Lubkin lubkin at unreasonable.com
Tue Feb 22 00:42:33 UTC 2011

Max wrote:

 > Hey, isn't the Extropy-Chat/Extropians email list about to have it's 20th
 > anniversary? That's remarkably long-lived for an Internet forum.
 > What can we do to celebrate? And when, exactly, did the list start? I seem
 > to recall that it was August or September of 1991. However, my memory is far
 > from the best in the world. Can someone tell us the exact date? (I could if
 > I had the backup archives, but they are back in Austin.)

Harvey replied:

>All my old references agree that it was founded in 1991.  But I can't
>find a more precise date.

I have the original announcement that was posted to sci.nanotech (I 
think that's where I saw it) but it will take a while to locate. I'm 
converting data formats, consolidating, and indexing.

Meanwhile, I just did a quick poke in Google. I didn't find the 
reference, but I did see a copy of a 1991 report on the suspension of 
Jerry Leaf from Cryonics magazine. Some guy named Max More appears in 
the listed Crew for Transfer Dry Ice to Liquid Nitrogen Cooling. His 
task was listed as "Strong back."


-- David.

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