[ExI] Call To Libertarians

Samantha Atkins sjatkins at mac.com
Tue Feb 22 19:25:37 UTC 2011

On 02/19/2011 03:37 AM, Darren Greer wrote:
> Thanks for you responses. Special thanks to Fred for the run-down and 
> the links. I will read them carefully. The Somalia remark is exactly 
> the type of over-simplification that I've been dealing with in the 
> other discussion. One guy said libertarians were people who read Ayn 
> Rand as a teenager and grew up to be self-centered jerks. But even a 
> quick survey of it on the 'net revealed to me that it is a diverse, 
> coherent and extensive set of beliefs, philosophies and principles 
> that cannot easily be dismissed with a simple one-liner. The older I 
> get the less likely I am to denigrate something because I disagree 
> with it. First I'll try to understand it, and then maybe I'll come up 
> with a one-liner. :)

Ayn Rand's philosophy is not remotely about being a self-centered jerk.  
But that is an entire other thread largely to me populated, if it 
arises, by those that have no idea what they are talking about or are 
unable or unwilling to discuss the matter intelligently without 
dismissive ranting.

That is probably my rule of 5 for the day so shutting up.


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