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On Feb 23, 3:21 pm, Joseph Jackson <joseph.jack... at gmail.com> wrote:
> LA and SD bio people.  I am down to the wire for BIL now and we have a few
> publicity opportunities cropping up.  You can take them or leave them and
> you can be featured individually or as part of your group.  Eg,  "Natalia,
> UCLA grad student was drawn to DIY bio bla bla bla"

The Perl Robotics open source software project allows the typical
young computer hacker to control $100,000 laboratory robotics in
order to run biochem experiments just like the pro's.  It's
published online for anyone to download and has attracted the
attention of Syn Bio labs, MIT, etc.  It competes with some of the
best professional software out there and in fact exceeds their
capabilities.  A junior high school student could use it to become
the next Amyris..  in her basement [*].  With focused development
work typical of open source projects, it could convert the entire
30-volume set of Current Protocols in Molecular Biology into
computer instructions, automatically, or it could make great
This software is not for the meek: laboratory robotics are heavy
machines with precise moving parts and only semi-intelligent
The author is currently looking for an open-source-license-friendly
partner lab.

(Reality check: "it's in alpha."  Plus the cost of the reagents per
machine run is

[*]  Actual results may differ in practice.

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