[ExI] Call To Libertarians

James Clement clementlawyer at gmail.com
Fri Feb 25 14:49:54 UTC 2011

Giulio Prisco said:

> As in my previous comment, the events of the last 3 years show that
> the time may be right to seriously thinking about giving power back to
> the people, to whom it belongs.
> Giulio,

Just for the record, no one "gives" power to anyone.  A person or group has
(some amount of) power and either uses it or doesn't.  Both Anonymous and
the (sometimes) peaceful revolutions in the Middle East demonstrate that
power doesn't necessarily mean "arms."  You can wage a revolution with tools
beside gunpowder and plastique.  I highly recommend John Robb's "Brave New
War," to see examples of how small guerrilla movements use the creation of
chaos to bring down governments.  In a sense, this is also what DRM pirates
do to record and film distribution companies, when they knock off a movie
and post it for free on the internet.


James Clement
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