[ExI] Easy solution to wars like that in Libya, and in these groups?.

John Clark jonkc at bellsouth.net
Fri Feb 25 17:38:09 UTC 2011

On Feb 25, 2011, at 12:09 AM, Brent Allsop wrote:

> If you could easily know, concicely and quantitatively what everyone wanted, obviously, if the leader was diviating from this, especially if he wanted to kill anyone, everyone could just ignore him, and just do what the people wanted, instead, couldn't they?  Problem solved?  Does anyone think differently?

If 99% of the people want candidate A, that is to say they are willing to vote for A if the polling place is not too far away and the weather is good and they don't have anything better to do, and only 1% want candidate B to rule the country but they are willing to die for him, then candidate B will become the new boss because most people love their life more than they hate candidate B.

> Is nobody interested in what the people of Libya want?

In a word, no. If the people of Libya want a fundamentalistic Islamic dictatorship sympathetic with al-Qaida, and I hope not but that very well could be what they want, then that is not what I want. If the CIA can figure out some sinister underhanded way full of dirty tricks to covertly discourage that then I'm all for it, especially if you can engineer deniability into it in case the operation doesn't work, and many CIA ideas don't work but are worth a try. Don't misunderstand, I'd much rather Libya gets a western style open society, but if that's not in the cards I'll settle for another dictator as long as he's our dictator. That's worked before in Iran, yes I know eventually there came a day of reckoning, but it was successful for 3 decades and not many government programs can say that. 

  John K Clark

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