[ExI] Joule currency (Re: Banking, corporations, and rights)

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>...I propose the Joule as the future unit of currency...

The problem with that is that not all joules are created equal.  You need
another measure to go with any measure of energy, its entropy.  The ocean is
full of joules in its thermal energy, but the entropy is so high it cannot
be converted to useful anything.

High entropy = bad, low entropy = good.

>...  There might be a shift in attitude though.  "Hey wait!  We're pumping
money out of the ground, then BURNING it?!"  

The government is pumping money out of me, then burning it.  That doesn't
seem to bother them much.

>...Is this something worth thinking about? -eric

Ja, but keep thinking how we can describe the entropy level along with the
joule unit of currency.


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