[ExI] General comment about all this quasi-libertarianism discussion

Richard Loosemore rpwl at lightlink.com
Sun Feb 27 14:15:53 UTC 2011

Kelly Anderson wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 26, 2011 at 10:43 AM, Richard Loosemore <rpwl at lightlink.com> wrote:
>> Which is to say:  if you think these libertarian/anarchist proposals are so
>> great, WHERE IS THE CODE?
> Funny coming from you Richard... :-)

So it seems that you missed the joke completely :-( even though I 
spelled it out in my post.  (And you took the opportunity to make 
another disparaging personal remark ... that's pretty sad.)

I hate to have to point out the obvious, Kelly, but:  I asked for code 
precisely *because* of your own stance, which appears to be that someone 
with no code is saying nothing.

So apparently you don't get irony.  That's no fun.

> Richard, a simulation wouldn't prove anything, nor change anyone's
> mind. A simulation only reflects the mind of the writer of the
> simulation. The closest thing that I can think of to a simulation of
> libertarian views is the novel Atlas Shrugged. I suggest you go watch
> the movie when it comes out as the book is very long. There are some
> holes in it, but it does point out that getting to the pure
> libertarian from where we are is going to be painful for a lot of the
> hangers on.

Sounds to me like somebody is making excuses.

So "a simulation wouldn't prove anything", huh?   And - oh, deary me - 
you cite a horribly bad novel, filled to the brim with naked propaganda, 
written by an egomaniacal, hypocritical cult leader, as a substitute for 
the computer simulations that you should be doing...?

Funny coming from you Kelly... :-)

But seriously, this is excellent news.  Now I don't have to write any 
AGI simulations, since they won't prove anything.

And if you ask me for code in the future, I can just tell you to go read 
"Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day".  (Or you could watch the movie 
version, if that's easier.)


Richard Loosemore

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