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Sun Feb 27 15:49:18 UTC 2011

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Subject: Re: [ExI] farmville, was RE: RPGs and transhumanism

spike wrote:
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>> Would anyone here speculate about the wildly popular Farmville increasing
the demand for actual farmland?  ...

>...I am sceptical about how many actually do farming due to farmville. It
compresses farming into a series of quick actions and rewards, while real
farming seems to be about having a really long time horizon. Plants vs.
zombies is not quite like real gardening...

Ja.  We keep getting annoying requests from a dear cousin to go in and
unwilt her wheat.  What kind of yahoo wrote a sim in which you can bug
someone else to come in and unwilt your crops?  Absurd.

>...I wonder what games actually make people go out and do things in the
real world? ...
Anders Sandberg

I know the answer!  Flying.  I took flying lessons in college in Cessna.
Later flew battle simulators with WW2 style planes.  Then I got a chance to
fly with a colleague in his Pitts Special aerobatic stunt biplane:


His was a dual seat dual controls, so he let me fly it.  It could do things
I never imagined a plane could do, far more power to weight than the WW2
birds.  I had an intuition for flying aerobatics from that flight simulator.
Aerobatic maneuvers are actually most of what did with the sim: fly stunts
until the goddam Nazis showed up, shooting at me and spoiling my fun.


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