[ExI] META: Overposting (psychology of morals)

David Lubkin lubkin at unreasonable.com
Sun Feb 27 16:57:50 UTC 2011

Eugen wrote:

>I'm only pro-fascism when it comes to forum moderation.
>But then very, very strongly. Empirically, it's the only
>thing that has worked.

The way I look at it, it's an AnCap libertarian argument.

The lists that run best have an owner that asserts property rights. 
My own lists are online versions of my periodic extropian parties. 
(One coming up fairly soon. If any of you are or will be in New 
England in the next month, worth letting me know off-list.)

My house is not a democracy. I decide who's welcome, who won't be 
invited back, and who will be forcibly removed. If I'm an ass about 
it, people will vote with their feet.

Where one of my lists has multiple moderators, all the moderators are 
friends with one another and not people who would be problems in of 
themselves. Moderator decisions are never made by voting. We find 
answers we're all ok with or defer to whoever feels strongest about 
the issue at hand.

I and we have a bias against lawyering and pilpul. Some moderated 
lists won't act against misconduct unless it had been specifically 
prohibited. Which seems fair, but often attracts posters who will 
keep misbehaving just this side of the rule, often in order to goad 
someone else into stepping over bright lines.

-- David.

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