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. Samantha Atkins and Brent Allsop wrote: 


On Feb 25, 2011, at 3:51 PM, spike wrote:

Check this, a three minute story which could be subtitled: when they pry the
handlebars from my cold dead hands:




This is how they make commercials in countries where they still have actual
attention spans.  Hey it worked on me.


Thank you.  That was beautiful! 


- samantha and Brent Allsop



Isn't it remarkable that the spoken script was only three words?  Or five,
depending on how you count the two "Eh?"s.  Even then, all three to five of
those words could have been edited out and the story told completely with
visuals and a few subtitles.  People in every country in the world would get
exactly what is going on: motorcycle gang rides to the sea, fifty years goes
by, they end up in the nursing home, one dies, another is given a grim
diagnosis, convinces the others to get up off their commie asses and relive
the time of their lives and watch the sun setting over the sea one last
glorious time.


If you want another good full length example of that kind of genre, check
out this Chinese film:




There is Chinese dialog in there, with some subtitles, but it is easy to
figure out the story from only that little bit of text.  It mentions the
commies in there, but that isn't what the story is about.  Rather it is more
the old ways vs the new ways.  I do recommend it.







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