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 >> convinces the others to get up off their commie asses

>You think Taiwanese, and their bankers, have commie asses?  Damien

Kidding bygones.  {8^D

I know Taiwan isn't communist.  Yet.

Earlier today someone commented (Kelly?) about the internet being a poor
medium for irony.  It can be, but it needs to be exaggerated to the point it
loses much of its edge.  I think of it as related to the early silent
movies, where they needed to express emotion using the face and body
language.  They had to greatly exaggerate every subtle nuance.  You can see
remnants of that style in the visual comedy of early television (think
Lucille Ball, or Gleason and Carney doing Kramden and Norton.  Those guys
could crack you up with the sound off.)  

Times goes by, photography gets waaaay better, allows closeups, it doesn't
need to rush like the early silent movies did because film was so expensive
and they had fewer frames per second.  

The Taiwanese bikers emoted perfectly.  Sans dialog, you can tell what is up
with them in every scene, you hurt with them, you are filled with grim
resolve, your spirit rides like the wind and soars with eagles when they
make it at the end of their three minute struggle; you want to jump out of
your chair and cheer "You GO grandpa!"

The Road Home is a good (mostly) non-political reminder that commies are
people too.  If you view that, come on back here after and let's discuss it.
I saw some stuff in there I want to see if it was just me, or intentional.



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