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On 2/27/2011 1:20 PM, spike wrote:

> I know Taiwan isn't communist.  Yet.

> The Road Home is a good (mostly) non-political reminder that commies 
> are people too.

I still don't understand. You say you know they're not communist (in fact,
they have been traditionally and foundationally notable ANTIcommunists,
which is what gives PRC the shits with them), but you still call them
"commies". In this case I'm missing the irony or facetiousness or joke or
something... Damien Broderick

Ja.  But we are talking two different things.  The grandpas on bikes were
Taiwanese.  That was the three minute bank commercial.  The Road Home crowd
were Chinese, mostly pre-Mao and orthogonal to politics.  That was a 90
minute movie.  Even the one presumed commie seemed like a decent chap.


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