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Robert is a fellow traveler, though I don't remember if he has ever posted


Keith, I like to imagine the kinds of transitions that can be made quickly
if necessary, should these kinds of scenarios play out.  We have three areas
in which energy use can be reduced: home lighting and heating, food, and
transportation.  I see potential in all three areas for reductions, although
we will not like them.  In our food production cycle, we can go vegetarian
and trend toward far less processed foods.  In home lighting and heating, we
can transition (quickly if necessary) to LED lighting and far lower use of
HVAC systems.  In transportation (an area I have pondered long) we can
transition to 2 wheels, or very light 3 wheelers if we really need to.  

If we look around us, everywhere I see astonishing energy waste, just
because energy is cheap and plentiful.  Oil is still so cheap it strangles
out most alternative energy sources.


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