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>>. so that for every 100 to 1000 kilos of
cocaine you hold in your hand, someone has been killed, even if we ignore
the practical difficulty of holding a ton of cocaine in one's hand.<




>.From originating drug-country wars, mafia and biker hits, over-doses,
suicides, car accidents.


BIKER HITS???  What's this biker hits jazz?


Sorry, we bikers can be a little over sensitive at times.  We have that
whole leather jacket and rumble chain around the neck ruffian reputation,
but we are gentle souls who are deeply hurt at the idea we would ever harm a
soul.  Sometimes I want to hit someone with my purse.




The nuclear war people use the term megadeath, so I see no reason why we
couldn't use the term microdeaths per gram of cocaine.


>.And if you count alcohol, the numbers would seriously spike. (Not you
spike.). Darren


Oddly enough, this puts me in the position of sounding like I am defending
drug and alcohol abuse, when in actuality I am not.  I reluctantly agree
that all recreational pharmaceuticals should be legal.  At the same time, I
will unapologetically state I think people would be better off leaving it
alone, all of it.  Live sober me lads!  It's the polar opposite to that
feller who said something about tune in, turn on, drop out.  My version is
live sober, eat light, think hard and write smart!  {8-]






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