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If one made this assertion to provide plausible deniability, does it make
sense to be a follower of. 


>It's possible that someone else posted a pic, on this guy's account, and he
had no advance knowledge of any of this.  BUT, if that's the case, then how
did the girl have advance knowledge, unless she's the hacker's accomplice.
If there were 'tweets' to his account, that he didn't personally make, then
it was OBVIOUS his account was hacked, and he should've changed his password
or taken appropriate action at that time.


>He's a politician, so I'm inclined to believe he's a scumbag who's guilty
of putting a pic of his no-no spot or whatever the hell he did onto Twitter.
I haven't read the article, or seen anything about this...only know very few
details...so forgive me if I'm wrong about what pics got put where.  



Excellent thanks Jonesey.  So now, I understand enough to ask a more
intelligent question: is it possible to somehow trace the tweet in question
(some unidentified man's bulging undergarments) to the device or telephone
from which it was posted?  If so, we can figure out if someone stole his
password, or if the politician (don't know yet if he is a scumbag) did it
himself and then lied to cover his tracks, claiming his account had been
hacked.  This is kind of important not because of some anonymous politician
(I don't care about that), but rather because I want to know how much
anonymity one has on this "twitter" business.  We know if we post under each
others' names here, then it is easy to tell, because of the headers.  If we
invite friends to our house, and they post stuff from our computer, or if we
give out our password, then the password recipient can post under someone
else's name.  


So now here is my  question for hipsters: assuming someone guessed this
guy's twitter password, does twitter have some means of tracing the actual
phone number from which the tweet was tweeted?



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