[ExI] chinese ghost towns

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>...A few speculate that the Chinese government is thinking long-term.
They might think that empty cities could come in very useful in the future.
(In the Cold War the USSR built some cities in the middle of nowhere as
well). If they needed to reallocate a population in a hurry for some reason,
a new city would be handy.... BillK

I can definitely see the reasoning there.  One can imagine China at some
point deciding the drop the notion of central planned economy, and allow
furriners to come in as big groups to inhabit these kinds of places.  In
plenty of American cities we have Chinatowns.   We can imagine China setting
up AmericaTowns, where the entire city is inhabited by imported Yanks.
Surely the Chinese have noticed, as we have, that good things happen when we
mix Asian with European genes, and likewise memes.


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