[ExI] homo sapiens as endangered species

Stefano Vaj stefano.vaj at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 19:14:53 UTC 2011

On 5 June 2011 05:42, Kelly Anderson <kellycoinguy at gmail.com> wrote:

> According to one documentary I saw, Mount Weather was set up for at
> least a year, possibly longer. Don't know much about Raven Rock. There
> was also a much smaller facility associated with Cheyenne Mountain,
> more for military than civilian use though if I understand what they
> were doing there correctly.

As long as something is deemed to be possibly instrumental in protecting
decisionmakers themselves, it may be hard to sell to the public opinion, but
it is probably still feasible.

Are we talking of, eg, a human Svalbard for future exobiologists, let alone
a permanent Martian base, that would require a substantial investment in the
"species"'s survival? No way.

Stefano Vaj
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