[ExI] How was the SLC S.I. Summit???

spike spike66 at att.net
Sun Jun 5 20:16:10 UTC 2011

>... On Behalf Of Brent Allsop

>...I have a question for you famous old timer extropians, Spike, Max,
Anders, and everyone that attended Extro 4 back in 1999...

Hmmm, I prefer to think of myself as a middle-aged timer, thanks.  {8-]

>...  I remember meeting several people at Extro-4 (or was it Extro-3?) that
were just getting Pay-Pal off the ground, before they were all gazilionair
rocket scientists/geneticists now dramatically reshaping the world in an
extropian image...

Peter Thiel was at Extro4 briefly, but no one knew him back in those days.
I did only because he and I played chess at a mutual friend's house.  I
brought my board in order to play some fivers with Sasha Chislenko, but we
never got a chance to make it happen, too many other exciting things going
on.  We got distracted: Peter went to lunch with us and the discussion
drifted over to libertarianism, which Peter knows well.  He founded the
Stanford Review.

>...Who were those pay-pal guys that attended?  Brent Allsop

I don't recall anyone other than Peter from PayPal, and actually it was
after Extro4 that PayPal really was big.  Eliezer was taken with it, and
urged us to go get an account, which I did, but never did start using it
until about the last 5 yrs.  Thiel mentioned it at one of our chessions, we
thought it was cool, but didn't realize what a huge breakthrough it would
become in the late 90s.


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