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>>I have seen this idea before, but this presentation is particularly good:
> http://primaxstudio.com/stuff/scale_of_universe/
> spike

>It is good. 
"We're probably not in the center of the universe" (says the last frame).
While I really doubt the universe has a center, Elitzur and Dolev,
in this beautiful paper (i.e. see last 3 chapters),    
call for radically new ways of thinking about spacetime and, in the end,
about universe itself.

Cool thanks.  The comment in the last frame about not being in the center of
the universe is itself a classic misunderstanding of the notion of the big
bang.  There is an incorrect view that the universe started at a point in
space, and kerBOOM expanded outward from that space, analogous to a stick of
dynamite exploding from some point in time and space, scattering stuff
everywhere.  But that is not how the inflation models work at all, and isn't
a good description of the big bang model of origins.  Rather, under
inflation models, spacetime itself expanded after the big bang, rather than
matter expanded out into space.  It is perfectly legitimate to define any
point in space and time as the center of the universe, but not legitimate to
comment "this particular point in time and space is not the center of the


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