[ExI] How was the SLC S.I. Summit???

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Tue Jun 7 04:49:05 UTC 2011


Or, coincidentally rather than ironically.Ironically, the center of SIAI
activity is right around this area.  Michael A.




Neither coincidentally nor ironically, it is *appropriately* at SIAI ground


About three years ago, I was on a business trip up to the accelerator.  We
were radiation testing a subsystem.  I and a colleague were driving up
University Ave.  There was a woman walking along the sidewalk right near MLK
and U Ave, who had cut a circular hole about 20 cm diameter out of the seat
of her trousers.  She wore no undergarments.  Walking right up towards the U
with her aft cleavage in plain sight.  As my colleague and I caught up to
her and passed by we noticed that she was about 60 years old.  We were both
so stunned, imagining some poor college student getting a call from her
parents "Granny's down there with her butt hanging out again!"   


He said to me, "You know. That's just not right."




I was laughing so hard I durn near had to pull over.






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