[ExI] Solar power makes UK people poorer

spike spike66 at att.net
Wed Jun 8 15:39:15 UTC 2011

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>...Clearly England isn't a good place for ground based solar.  I hear it
rains a lot there.  800 kWh per kWp is way below the economic threshold by
my BOTECs.  I have an Oregon property with twice that insolation, but it is
still marginal for rooftop solar, probably still a no-go...spike

Oops pardon, I checked my calcs, that Oregon property isn't twice the
insolation, it is a little over half again the 800 they get in Jolly Olde.
I am estimating about 1200 to 1300 kWh per kWp in that location, and even
then I need to actually measure it instead of relying on a map.  I fear I
might have made an optimistic assumption on part of this (number of fog
mornings), so I wouldn't be surprised if it measures out to 1100.  Even
then, I would likely go with fixed flush mounted on the barn roof (20 degree
pitch) at 43 degrees latitude, and the available face is about 10 degrees
east of due south.  Once I take that into account, that installation is
still a no-go.  {8-[  

However, if I am able to pick up an inverter and some panels cheap from some
disgruntled and impoverished former green, then it might be a go.


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