[ExI] Usages of the term libertarianism

Damien Sullivan phoenix at ugcs.caltech.edu
Thu Jun 16 17:44:12 UTC 2011

On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 02:58:23PM +0200, Stefano Vaj wrote:
>    On 14 June 2011 19:00, Damien Sullivan <[1]phoenix at ugcs.caltech.edu>
>    wrote:
>      Well, the young don't vote much.  That's a pretty substantial
>      self-handicap.
>    "Vote" is just but one, very limited, facet of political power. A
>    strong constituency, even when it is not simply revolutionary,
>    influences the vote of others, and/or obtain the right for itself, as
>    proletarians, women and 18-years old did and immigrants are trying to
>    do in some EU countries.

Well, in the US and Canada, the young don't exercise any other forms of
power much either.  Apathy reigns.  Good on the youth of other

>    But what we are discussing here is a possibly egemonic political power
>    of people whose role may be way less essential than that of others, to
>    the detriment of those same others.

Well, I worry about hegemonic political power, but I worry about the
ultra-rich, not elderly for whom modest pension checks are their main

>    Moreover, this extends today to people who not only do nothing now, but
>    also have never done anything. Not even managing their wealth (you can
>    pay consultants to do that for you).

Again, see above.
(In some cases doing nothing would be an improvement, vs. actively
destroying the real economy.)

-xx- Damien X-) 

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