[ExI] North Korea's super EMP Bomb

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"According to the NTSB, Capt. Asoh said that he was making a coupled
approach, but because of problems with his pressure altimeter, he was
relying on the more accurate radio altimeter for verification of altitude.
...Instead, he was nearly in the waters of San Francisco Bay. He applied
power, which raised the nose somewhat, and then the right main landing gear
hit the water, followed by the left, and then the aircraft slewed to the
left. Capt. Asoh cut power the aircraft settled into the shallow waters of
San Francisco Bay...Keith

So this is where the well-known saying came from!  There is an urban legend
about this incident, of which the local Lockheed engineers are very
familiar, the older ones anyway.  The NTSB launched an investigation into
how this accident happened, which turned up the radio altimeter.  Captain
Asoh was Japanese and took the honorable Samurai approach: he owned the
error and fell upon his sword.  Right after the accident he was of course
suicidally despondent.  He was questioned by the NTSB.  He replied with an
answer that became the way all honorable Lockheed engineers are expected to
do when something goes wrong and they realize they are mostly at fault.
When asked "Captain, how did this happen?"  he replied:  "Asoh fuck up."



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