[ExI] The top secret military research programs we don't get to hear about (was: working memory implant! wow!)

spike spike66 at att.net
Wed Jun 22 13:50:05 UTC 2011

...On Behalf Of BillK

>...Another large project is aiming at the total surveillance of everybody
in the world. Every communication to be monitored and analysed for evidence
of 'enemies of the state'... BillK

I thought of a plan for this.  We arrange robo-calls on a regular basis with
recorded conversations between plotters.  The trick is the conspirators are
secretly plotting in favor of the state.  That will confuse them: a group of
secret allies of the government.  

A few years ago we had what would now perhaps be called a flash mob down in
San Jose, where we staged a demonstration in favor of capitalism.  Signs and
everything.  We gathered about 30 marchers for capitalism.  We had signs
such as "Up with the establishment" and "Support status quo on everything."
My wife and I went, in our business suits.  Puzzled and amused onlookers
wondered what we were up to.  It was fun.


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