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On Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 9:36 AM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:
>> ...  I noticed at the time several bees that were too sick to fly but
were not perishing of old age...

>...I just started keeping bees this year. I've got two colonies. CCD is an
ongoing problem. I think the current best explanation is that it's due to a
combination of factors including parasites, disease, pesticides, and

>...Just curious...how do you know the bees weren't old?  -Dave

Dave it's possible that they were old, but one can often tell by looking at
the wings.  An old bee shows signs of wear on the wings such as tatters and
bits missing.  An experiment for bee fans would be to get your microscope or
inspection glass and find the bees which have perished in the hive and been
hurled out by the others.  Callous bitches are bees, caring nothing about a
decent burial of their hard-working sisters.  If the hive is healthy, the
ejected perished bees are old.  Examine a few dozen of these, compare to
ones you find walking.

Next, make like Darwin and really LOOK at your bees.  Find a hundred details
and notice everything.  Study them.  Learn.  The brilliance of Darwin is
that in the same time everyone else would see a bird or beast, he would
notice pages of observations.  For instance, can you see any change in
contrast between the lateral color bands?  Is there dust or pollen on the
beast?  What conditions are the wings?  Is she attempting to fly but cannot?
Is she walking steadily or wobbling about like a six-legged drunkard?


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