[ExI] Natasha's Response re: Libertarianism, Extropiansim &Transhumanism

Max More max at maxmore.com
Thu Jun 23 20:22:20 UTC 2011

I'll have to limit myself to commenting on just one point here.

> > Would it be fair to say Natasha, that since you do not like the idea of
> the
> > Singularity, that this is the one main area that you are in disagreement
> > with the Extropian ideals?

You seem to hold the mistaken belief that Extropian ideals involve believing
in or seeking a Singularity. That's not the case and never has been. Some
self-identified extropians expect a Singularity, but many of us do not. I've
argued that a Singularity is unlikely several times in both talks and
essays. For instance:


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