[ExI] flying cars?

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>>> Hi Keith, this is cool, but...  What he has there I think is actually
> strictly a hovercraft.
>>Could be.  But what I think is likely or if not in this case shortly is the
> application of a lot of computation to control.
>>You can see that in those little electric quad and hex helicopters.  Keith
> Ja, I can imagine something like this in freeflight with four rotors in a
> cruciform configuration.  With only the two and only thrust vector control,
> you can almost see the instability in any flight regime out of ground
> effect.  A gust of wind or any perturbation, over it goes in a roll,
> entering a mode which thrust vectoring provides insufficient control
> authority to recover, even if you assume perfect compensation.  We had a
> saying for that.  With some flight configurations, it was said this craft
> could not be stabilized even with god at the controls.

It seems to me from the pictures that there are a quad of thrust
elements, one on each corner.


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