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>I wish I had seen this. My autobiographical memory seems to be particulary weak. 
>I've learned to compensate by keeping written notes of events, because I know 
>that I'm likely to forget them otherwise -- unless they are extremely vivid. For 
>instance, Spike and others were recently talking about some eminent people who 
>attended an Extro conference, yet I have NO memory of that.
>I consider this a major disability and it makes me sad.
>I have very pictures from childhood, so very few memory cues. Things have 
>improved over the years as photos and other forms of information about events 
>have become ever more prolific and convenient.
>Does anyone else here have the sense that their memory of past events is 
>particularly poor?
>Well Max, from my point of view, I certainly wouldn't want perfect recall of 
>every sordid detail of my life: every wound, every trauma, every betrayal, every 
>abuse, every heartbreak, every loss, every pang of unrequited love, every foiled 
>ambition, every humilation, every petty embarassment? No thank you. I prefer my 
>selective memory that allows me to remember what I want to remember and forget 
>what I don't. Are you sure you would want the spectral slings and arrows of past 
>fortunes impinging upon the orbits of your present mind? 
>Stuart LaForge 
>"When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things bought 

>and sold are legislators." - P. J. O'Rourke 
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