[ExI] Superior Autobiographical Memory

Henrique Moraes Machado (CI) cetico.iconoclasta at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 14:18:36 UTC 2011

<Max More>
I wish I had seen this. My autobiographical memory seems to be particulary 
weak. I've learned to compensate by keeping written notes of events, because 
I know that I'm likely to forget them otherwise -- unless they are extremely 
vivid. For instance, Spike and others were recently talking about some 
eminent people who attended an Extro conference, yet I have NO memory of 
I consider this a major disability and it makes me sad.
I have very pictures from childhood, so very few memory cues. Things have 
improved over the years as photos and other forms of information about 
events have become ever more prolific and convenient.
Does anyone else here have the sense that their memory of past events is 
particularly poor?
</Max More>

That depends. I have perfect recall of every embarassment I've had in my 
entire life. But the rest is harder to remember.

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