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>.I am so annoyed with myself for not having thought of this sooner.  Today
I was playing Mario Carts with my five yr old son, and being beaten like an
ugly stepchild, when an idea occurred to me.  The Wii controllers must have
some kind of fiber optic rate sensors in there, or at least a two axis
accelerometer to do what it appears to be doing.spike




Ooops, disregard previous comments, how embarrassing.  I was right, this
idea is obvious to any controls guy at first sight of a Wii.  The controller
can be hacked and used for all kinds of interesting homebrew applications.
They have been doing it for years.  I didn't have a Wii until fairly
recently, but the hipsters thought of this a long time ago.  Damn.  See how
unhip I am?  Do we have any Wii hacksters here?





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