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2011/6/27 spike <spike66 at att.net>:
>> ... we could mount one on the handlebars and one on the axis of a
motorcycle, take the signals off of both, write a Kalman filter script to
control a single actuator, build a motorcycle that can ride itself.

>...Zen (and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance) Koan:  Can a motorcycle be made
that can ride itself?   I propose: no.  for if it has a sense of self it
cannot be a mere motorcycle but without awareness of its own qualia it has
no appreciation of the ride.


Other possible Zen koans:

What is the sound of one motorcycle riding itself?

If you meet a motorcycle on the road riding itself, kill it.

If two motorcycles are riding themselves, see each other and get into a
spontaneous race, what kind of tires are they using?

Thanks Mike, this brightened my day.

Pirsig still lives, mid 80s now.  He still owns that bike.  The bike which
may be near the top ten list of most valuable motorcycles in existence today
is still rotting away, sitting in a shed out behind his house, while His
Zenness ohms away, caring nothing about the buttload of money just aching to
be made (preferably by me) just from fetching it out of storage.  We could
build a popular museum out of that one bike as the centerpiece. 


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