[ExI] Homelessness (was Re: Social right to have a living)

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Tue Jun 28 21:28:45 UTC 2011

Il 27/06/2011 08:51, Damien Sullivan ha scritto:
> On Sun, Jun 26, 2011 at 11:58:32PM -0600, Kelly Anderson wrote:
>> Giving homeless people a home sounds like a really good idea, until
>> you actually try it. They don't know how to take care of a home. They
> Depends on why they're homeless.  Some are perfectly well-adjusted
> people with jobs who live out of cars because that's all they can
> afford.

If the man can not afford to live in a home because they were forced in
bonded serfdom by a divorce initiated by their (ex-)wife, I would
suggest to change the divorce laws.

If they are unable to afford a home because the lower interest rates
destroyed the economy, raised the prices of the homes and caused him to
lose his job, I would suggest to change the pre-existing conditions.

>> Many homeless in the US are mentally ill, turned out on the streets by
>> well meaning liberals at the ACLU.

> Turned out on the streets by Reagan slashing supportive programs is the
> version I know.

What have to do the federal government with the healthcare?
I supposed the health of people is matter for the several states or the
counties, not the federal.

By the way, it is impossible to care for some people as outpatients,
because they don't want this or are unable to stay without constant

I know because it is my job. A large part of them will not take any
drugs prescribed as soon as they exit the ward.
If they have not a family able and willing to take care of them, they
will become homeless or worse.

>> Not all homeless people are created equal, and some would do well if
>> you just gave them a house. I would submit that the percentage that
>> would do well in this situation is lower than you might think.

> Or higher than you might think.  Foreclosures, battered women and their
> children, "welfare reform" that cuts off after five years even if
> employment is not available, falling support for low-income housing,
> medical bankruptcy...

What about battered men and their children?
There are a not negligible number of battered men, but people continue
to close their eyes and deny they exist.
Falling support for low income housing is predicated in the zoning that
prevent the building of houses where they are needed.

> http://www.nationalhomeless.org/factsheets/why.html
> Talks about various factors, and puts 16% as mentally ill.

Your mileage can vary.
Some that are not considered real mentally ill have a series of
personality disorders that prevent them from being productive people or
simply sociable people.

> Anyway, the thought experiment you're responding to wasn't even about
> providing a full home, just land on which to have a home, or at minimum
> exist without getting kicked around.

This usually depend on their ability to exist without making the lives
of the neighbours dangerous or shitty.
For example, what about living in a house where, in the apartment under
your, the mentally ill patient living there menace to go out leaving the
coking gas open?
Or, what about living in a house with a patient in the other apartment
that smoke and is so stoned to cause many fires?


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