[ExI] Homelessness (was Re: Social right to have a living)

Jeff Davis jrd1415 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 21:35:52 UTC 2011

On Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 10:46 AM, Kelly Anderson

> Ok Jeff. So what do we do about homelessness?

I consider homelessness part of the larger problem of social and
economic decay, and would prefer to discuss the larger challenge of a
new system of governance -- a rational system of governance --
designed to address the circumstances -- social, cultural, political,
human behavioral, and technological -- of today's world.

If this seems like a dodge, then I defer to the practical and
compassionate and EXPLICIT suggestions of John Grigg, who to his great
credit, always seems to have his feet planted solidly on the ground
(unlike moi).

Simply put. if you create the conditions for people to feel safe, they
will work steadily to resolve problems both personal and societal.  If
however, people are constantly stressed by unrelenting vulnerability
in a ruthless social environment, then any spark can unleash the dark
forces of barbarism.

We've had thousands of years of seeing how humans behave and how that
gets us all in trouble.  Since we now have technology enabling a level
of productivity sufficient to meet  -- AT LEAST -- everyone's BASIC
needs, there is no longer any reason for the war of all against all.
To achieve that lasting peace, and reap the economic benefits of a
demilitarized world -- trillions saved on weapons and an end to the
cycle of destruction and rebuilding -- we have to find a way to
prevent the ruling elite -- those who start and benefit from wars --
from victimizing the rest of us with their pathology of ambition and

Can we design a system to do that?

Best, Jeff Davis

I know it is a weakness of human nature to
 become emotionally invested in inconsequential
 tribal spats, but people who want to be
transhumanists need to be able to get past that
almost as a prerequisite.  In fact, a good portion
of the transhumanist ideals are all about shedding
this behavior.
            j. andrew rogers

> There are several kinds of answers...
> What would we do if we were in the libertarian utopia?
> What can we do given the mess we're currently in?
> What did they use to do and how did that work?
> What would a more socialist solution look like, and how might that work?
> And the answers may vary depending upon the individual homeless person/family...
> The length of homelessness
> The reason for homelessness
> Is it a family or individual
> Are they addicted to drugs?
> Have they just become unemployed?
> Was there a medical problem?
> Was there a bankruptcy?
> What's the weather like?
> And so forth.
> I personally would not say any of these answers should depend on race,
> creed, or other such things, except that a person of a given religion
> might expect to get help from their denomination, and people might get
> help from their families, which might be considered a somewhat racist
> option.
> I don't think I would like to spend the time right now answering all
> of these, so what are you interested in? I don't think there is a one
> size fits all answer, which is part of the problem with having the
> solutions come from Washington.
> -Kelly
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