[ExI] AI Motivation revisited

Samantha Atkins sjatkins at mac.com
Thu Jun 30 02:22:04 UTC 2011

On 06/29/2011 11:46 AM, Richard Loosemore wrote:
> Stefano, your argument is fine .... except that you have neglected to 
> notice that I was talking about whether a PC could simulate a mind "in 
> real time".  In other words, from the very beginning I have been 
> talking about anything EXCEPT the universal computation issue!
> I never disputed whether a tinkertoy or a bunch of marbles running in 
> a maze (or a Searlean idiot locked up in a room with pieces of paper 
> being passed under the door) could simulate a mind .... hey, no 
> problem:  all of these things could simulate a mind if programmed 
> correctly.
> All I cared about was whether a PC could do it in real time.  In other 
> words, fast enough to keep up with a human.

Did you present you argument for operation throughput of the  brain  and 
show that that the same operation throughput can be done on a PC?  If 
you did I missed it.    If the PC cannot match the brain on operation 
throughput then I don't see how you can say it is possible for a PC to 
keep up with a human across all general intelligence tasks.

- samantha

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