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>> From all appearances, the Occupy movement is racist and the Tea Party is

>...Spike, I think you are confusing the Occupy uprising with an old school
political party...I don't think your example was racist...

Actually I don't either.  However:

>... Is everyone who walks out on an Obama speech racist? BillK

JA!  That's my point, whether they were racist or not, they were accused of
it.  They resented the hell out of it.  Well, now the shoe is on the other
foot.  Those who were accused of racism (and still are occasionally) for
disapproving of Obama's policies are now in a position to use that club
themselves.  They will not hesitate a minute, not for a second, to bludgeon
their opponents with it, early and often, beyond recognition.  

That Georgia incident with John Lewis will be the high water mark for OWS.
It's dead, Jim.  The video is on YouTube forever now, with their silly
Repeat After Me, with the *crowd* *voting* to disallow a civil rights
champion from speaking.  Also on YouTube forever are recordings of Tea Party
rallies with minorities on the platform speaking.  I know, for I was there.
So we have solid permanent evidence that the Occupiers are racist and the
Tea Party is not, even though pretty much everyone knows neither are
motivated by race.  Perceptions count.  That Georgia rally was a really
serious stumble for the Occupiers.  

That factor alone could end up getting Herman Cain elected president.  He's
a solid fiscal conservative and Tea Party favorite.  Now anyone who opposes
him, even on ideological grounds, even if he is the VP nominee, will
immediately be labeled racist.  This they will not like, any more than the
victims of that technique did three years ago.  What goes around comes
around, with a vengeance.


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