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>.Avon, that well-known cosmetics company, has called their new line "Avon
Anew Genics"....clearly no-one thought carefully about calling their product
<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVpT3-AIoR4&feature=share> &feature=share

>From the ad, apparently Anew Genics  only works on women.


What if this product really does make one's skin look ten years younger, and
I put it on my son.  Would he then look like an embryo?


>. if a "youth gene" in skin cells had been discovered and a method of
undoing ageing in skin cells was safe and effective, it would be a Nobel
prize-worthy discovery.


Understatement.  If anyone actually did what this ad claims, they would
amass a fortune greater than any in history, dwarfing the combined fortunes
of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.






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