[ExI] Relativistic Uploads

The Avantguardian avantguardian2020 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 17 10:23:02 UTC 2011

I have a thought pertaining to the oft argued idea that space travel would be unpopular with posthumans because of subjective time slowing down to due to the higher clockspeed of a solid state substrate. I suddenly realized that if this subjective time speed up is quantitized as a ratio s=T/T0 then at a certain velocity v less than the speed of light, s would be equal to gamma from relativity (ie. 1/sqrt(1-v^2/c^2). So in theory, a space-faring posthuman could accelerate to gamma=s and then their subjective time would be equal to time in the Earth frame of reference i.e. stationary observer. So then that v would be v=c*Sqrt(s^2-1)/s.
So for example if the upload "lives" one thousand times faster than a human earth observer, then by going .9999995c, it would experience the same subjective time of flight to the destination as a normal clock at either the origin or destination. So if the post-human flew to proxima centauri at .9999995c then it would seem to take the posthuman 4.22 years by it's own clock meanwhile an identical 4.22 years would have passed for a normal human on earth.
So I think the whole time slow-down issue will not severely discourage space-travel amongst post-humans should they be able to achieve relativistic speeds. Let me know what you all think. 

Stuart LaForge

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